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Right now, your prospects are searching for your services online. To take advantage of this massive pool of leads, we’ll create a website that draws visitors with its high search engine ranking AND conveys a powerful message with its stellar design

RENS Marketing provides affordable search engine optimize website design, hosting, and site maintenance services to professionals and small business firms who want a professional website design and presence on the web.

Did you know that the average amount of time spent on a website is less than 8 seconds? This is true. People make split-second decisions when glancing at lawyer websites. Since a visitor isn’t able to shake hands or converse with you to get a feel for your law firm, a quick scan of the website page they landed on is most likely all they have to decide if you’re the right lawyer to call. Therefore, RENS Marketing crafts website designs to keep your visitors engaged and communicate the firm’s climate and power, in under 8 seconds.

Did you know that 90% of the website designs we do see have serious issues: low search engine ranking, improper SEO coding, weak page titles, duplicate meta descriptions, poor keyword density and proximity, improperly tagged images, sloppy internal linking, etc.

With RENS Marketing we craft website designs to keep your visitors engaged and communicate your clients to take action.

Capture their attention, build confidence, and then give them a clear call to action. You get a better ROI, because we’re not just designers, we’re SEO specialists.

Here at RENS Marketing we are 100% committed to help all our clients set their company apart from their competitors.

We offer the following solutions:
• Website designs
• Website SEO optimization
• Website makeover
• Interactive sales pages
• Online forms
• Ecommerce
• Graphic and logo creations

Yes, we can we design a great SEO website?…but, what you’re getting with RENS Marketing is actually much more than color, layout, and images. You’re getting a complete package. Our goal is to get your name in front of your prospects; show them that you are the right firm for the job, and show them how to take action. You need a website designer that builds sites attractive to your desired clientele AND the search engines, because a nicely designed site without organic Internet traffic is absolutely useless. On the other hand, a website with organic search engine results will flow with the right kind of visitors, and this can completely change your practice.

Whether you’re a small firm with a few employees or a firm with 1,000 employees, the key to capturing quality visitors that convert to leads is building strong content pages with: razor sharp SEO, images that tell the right story, blurbs that clearly state what you do, a paragraph that explains what your clients get, that comes from a place of power, a bit about why they should they choose you, and a call to action.

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