Mobile Marketing

Reasons your Business must have a mobile website

Are you aware that by not using mobile marketing you could be missing out on some MAJOR profits? You can lose out just because you are not catering to mobile internet users?

Many consumers today are using their mobile phones to search for local business in their area. If they try to access your website and it loads slowly, if it loads at all or it’s not mobile optimized, 70% of customers leave immediately. Leave your site and on to your competitors mobile optimized website.

This means potential LOST PROFITS for your business….. and MORE SALES for your mobile friendly competitors.
Request a mobile “mock-up” of your business website today. RENS Marketing can have your site completed within just a few business days. Don’t continue to ignore 25% of your potential customers. See what your mobile website will look like and start catering to the needs of millions of Smartphone and tablet users. After all they are your customers too.

Google reported a 400% increase in the number of searches
being carried out on mobile devices, compared to the SAME
time last year! 1 in 5 searches are now being done on Smartphones.

One third of all mobile searches are done locally, from consumers
wanting to buy. If you don’t have a mobile version of your website
you are throwing away a large chunk of your business!

89% use their Smartphone throughout the day. Surprisingly,
93% of Smartphone use is at home, and are typically used
while consuming other media or multitasking.

Get Mobile

OVER HALF BUY! 68% of mobile searchers will visit a business, and 53% will actually purchase as a direct result. It is an irrefutable fact: if your business is not mobile you are losing a significant amount of sales…

Our method

Create a Mobile Website and get your more leads

AdWords & Bing PPC have made it easier than ever to target visitors by device (desktop, smartphones and tablets). This flexibility allows for more control over when and how your ads will be displayed and to whom. User behavior may differ from device to device and we now have control over the time of day, spend, ad copy & type of website these visitors see.

When using our Mobile Pay Per Click Strategies clients have experienced:

Increased Impression Share During Targeted Times
Increased Click Through Rates (on relevant phrases)
Increased Lead/Conversion

Our clients have experienced great results with Mobile marketing.


“I can’t emphasize enough how much we appreciate our mobile web site. They not only made it a beautiful addition to our regular web site but also got us ranked on the mobile search engine and is causing people to call us almost everyday…Paul Adin
Our mobile site is responsible for at least 20% of our online traffic. And our text marketing ads are pulling 300% better than our Yellow Pages ad… John Philbeck
I want to thank Jesse and his team for setting my café up with our mobile campaign. Our ROI has never been better and we can practically attract paying customer at the push of a button……. Donna Cusumano
We increased our bottom line considerably from just adding special text coupon offers to our advertising. I am just ecstatic at how well they helped get everything set up for us…” – Tracy